Thursday, September 21, 2017

My New Library Skills Series Are Now eBooks!

I had a wonderful surprise today!  My friend Kat from Cantata Learning wrote and told me...

Your books are now available in Capstone Interactive!  

I was so excited!  I have been waiting for this....the moment The Library Skills books that I wrote with Cantata Learning turn into interactive eBooks!  
Now all four of The Library Skills are available online in...
Capstone Interactive.  The eBooks have live-voice audio (yes...that is me talking in the beginning) and my wonderful friend Emily Arrow singing throughout the book.  

Emily did a wonderful job at arranging and producing the music for each of the four Library Skills titles.   
First, I opened Find a Book in Capstone Interactive!  
In fact, Brianna, who hasn't seen the actual books yet, and I read, listened and sang along together over Skype.  She lives in Belgium so it was really special to be able to share the eBooks with her. 

Once again Katherine Durst's illustrations amaze me.  They are so fun and adorable!  I know that children will love them too while reading and singing The Library Skills series online.

Combined with Emily's music and singing, they make each one come to life!
The eBooks can be read to them while they turn the pages or auto play can be selected.
The sound of the words or reading can also be turned on and off.

At the bottom of each page, you can see all of the Contents of the eBook including...
 Sheet Music, 
 Glossary and...  
engaging Guided Reading Activities which can easily serve as a meaningful hook to a lesson or project.
One of my favorite things in each book is a page filled with Tips To Support Literacy At Home.  

Remember I said all four of The Library Skills are available as eBooks?

YES...and you will find....
 Staying Safe Online, 
 Manners in the Library,
Fiction or Nonfiction and Find a Book in Capstone Interactive.  
You can also stream and download the music...and find the sheet music for each book on the Cantata Learning website.  This makes it very handy for students, teachers, librarians and families to get to the stories and songs anywhere. 
Find a book!  A library full of books and fun is a place where your mind can run. Use these tips to help yourself find a new book on the shelf. 

I know you and your students will love these adorable and fun eBooks.  They will bring lots of fun to your library this year too. 

It's Johnny Appleseed Day, September 26!

I always love taking my family to the apple orchard in the fall.  It is such a beautiful time of the year and very special to go to an orchard to pick apples and see the colorful leaves.  

Not only do we have such fun celebrating fall, we can also focus on several yearly events too. 

One of them is Johnny Appleseed Day on September 26.  

I have been seeing lots of wonderful books and resources as we get closer to this day and kick off the first of fall tomorrow.  

My friends at Follett even put together a terrific Titlewave List of Johnny Applessed Day books which includes these two and....
several others.  

I also pulled together a Collection by Destiny of a few resources you can use to celebrate and teach your students about Johnny Appleseed too.

You can find it here.

Have a fun kicking off fall tomorrow and don't forget to tie in Johnny Appleseed too!

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

They Nattered Like Pirates In Flipgrid!

It was so fun to see that my friend Andy Plemmons students adding to the Talk Like A Pirate Flipgrid today.
You could see they were having such a fun time during their Talk Like A Pirate Day in the library.

Check out their Pirate Talk here too.  Feel free to keep this pirate talk going.

Thank ye Andy....Ye 'n yer students made Talk Like A Pirate Day even more fun!