Thursday, July 27, 2017

A Dot Day Collection!

With Dot Day just around the corner, I created a Dot Day Collection in my Destiny Discover today.

And one the great things about Collections....We can make it a Public Collection for everyone to see!
You will find the Let's Celebrate Dot Day and Making Our Mark On The World Collection here.

Make Your Mark On The World For Dot Day With This Special Global Buncee Project!

One of my favorite days, International Dot Day, is coming up on September 15.  

This is the day we celebrate with Peter Reynolds, author of The Dot and other books, making our mark on the world...just like his sweet little character Vashti in the book.

I have celebrated Dot Day for several years and love art, writing, science, math, photography and lots of other projects which empower children to make their mark on the world.

And that is what Dot Day is all about....Making a difference by the mark you make on the world!  

This year I have the perfect project idea for Dot Day!  

We can use Buncee to have our students create Dot Day creations in a variety of ways.  

Please check out the Buncee above and here.  This will give you lots of ideas and lay out the project. 

Here a few quick tips from the Buncee.... 
They can do a one-page or multiple-page Buncee.  

Your entire class could even do a collaborative Dot Day Buncee, which you create by stitching all of their Buncee pages together into one.  Learn more about the clip and stitch feature here.

Just look at a few of these awesome Buncee's that friends have been creating for Dot Day...
and you and your students can too!  
To make this Dot Day Buncee project even more meaningful, I encourage you to have your students share their Buncee's here on the Global Buncee Dot Day Project Padlet I created.  

Not only will they create a Buncee, but they will have the chance to connect to another school or schools which truly makes a difference and impact on the kids too.  

Have fun with this Global Buncee Dot Day Project and please let me know if you have any questions. 

I can't wait to see all of the DOTS your students and community create too. 

Writing, Projects, Library and More Buncee Possibilities Than Ever Before!

Our amazing friends at Buncee have added a super cool spot for lots of Buncee Possibilities to their homepage.

All you have to do is scroll down a little and you will see 6 different Buncee Possibility categories including Blended Learning, Writing Activities, Projects, Library, Invitations and RSVP's, and Communication.

Under each of these categories are three little boxes that will take you to posts filled with ideas, examples and inspiration of these Buncee possibilities.
For example, if I click on the Writing Activities, 
I can open Digital Story Books,
Buncee Doodle and...
Language Learning, which takes me to resources like...
this post for each one.

These Buncee Possibilities will open up so many more ideas as they get us thinking about the amazing possibilities for you and your students too!

You can check these out half way down the Buncee homepage here.